Fire Alarms

At Taylor Durant we can offer our customers a wide range of fire alarm installations across the south. We are specialists that can offer our customers “one stop shop” facilities for all of our commercial, domestic and industrial installation and maintenance needs.

The UK has a lot of strict fire alarm rules which determine how much fire alarm and protection equipment must be kept at or installed within a public or commercial building. With constant demands from your business or home the last thing you need is yet another problem to worry about, at Taylor Durant we specialise in this area of work and we can resolve any of your questions with efficiency and promptness. If you have any queries regarding fire alarms then please make sure to get in touch with us for your free no obligation quote and to have any of your questions answered by one of our technicians.

This is what we can offer our customers with regards to fire alarms:




Weekly Testing

Fire Drills

System Monitoring

We can install our fire alarms for the following types of buildings:



Residential Homes

Council Premises

Hospitals and medical Facilities

Leisure Facilities

Academic Facilities

If you are in the market for a high quality fire alarm system for either your company or household then please make sure to contact us and we will be able to take it from there and help you out further depending on what you are in need of doing.